Elisabete’s insight of a non-veterinary role at HallMark

My journey at Hallmark started in January 2016 as a self-employed farm inspector, I remember seeing the advert when looking for jobs in the Agricultural industry. After a long trip by train and a previous phone interview I was ready for the induction at HallMark’s headquarters in Stonehouse just a few days after New Year’s…… Continue reading Elisabete’s insight of a non-veterinary role at HallMark

HallMark’s “new years resolution” with KeySkill

With a new year coming up, we’re working closely with the management team to find out what courses need to be implemented for potential new employees of HallMark. We have started looking at topics that would give new employees a very good flavour of the company, by covering the following areas: * Equality & Diversity…… Continue reading HallMark’s “new years resolution” with KeySkill

Ana’s Journey to TB Testing Trainer

I spent 12 years working as an Official Vet in more than 60 different premises across the length and breadth of the UK. When the abattoir where I was working closed and my employer made me redundant, I had to decide between leaving my home or changing my job. I was a city person, had…… Continue reading Ana’s Journey to TB Testing Trainer

Our Career Opportunities

At HallMark, we have a wide range of career opportunities from TB Testers to Senior Veterinary Inspectors. We pride ourselves on our good employer status and dedication to our workforce. The ability to support staff throughout their journey with us and our encouragement of career progression, through training development, is what makes HallMark stand out…… Continue reading Our Career Opportunities