Our Career Opportunities

At HallMark, we have a wide range of career opportunities from TB Testers to Senior Veterinary Inspectors. We pride ourselves on our good employer status and dedication to our workforce. The ability to support staff throughout their journey with us and our encouragement of career progression, through training development, is what makes HallMark stand out as an employer.


Our job opportunities are centred on the “food and farming compliance” sectors, we seek veterinarians and a variety of personnel to fulfil these positions. With prospects arising across the UK, HallMark can offer careers of all shapes and sizes.

Here’s a look at some of our roles….

MEAT HYGIENE INSPECTOR Meat Hygiene Inspectors work in slaughter houses and processing plants, ensuring that standards for health, hygiene, cleanliness and care are met. We offer our employees in these positions theoretical and practical training of meat hygiene inspection of cattle, pigs, sheep, pigs, poultry and wild game. Working alongside an Official Veterinarian, you will be part of a dynamic team that offers support to carry out official controls. An important element of this position is ensuring that slaughterhouses and processing plants alike are complying with animal welfare and food hygiene legislation.

HallMark provide exciting opportunities to further progress a Meat Hygiene Inspectors career. High-performing staff have the chance to develop into Official Veterinarians, receiving training from some of the UK’s top universities. Further career progression is also encouraged in the variety of veterinary fields that the company operates in.


FARM INSPECTOR Our on-farm inspection duties are carried out across Britain. The position is fulfilled with individuals that have good knowledge of the UK agricultural industry and those that wish to carry out an active and communicatory role in support of the farming sector. HallMark work with an array of compliance bodies to provide services that ensure farms are meeting the necessary requirements. Roles and inspection duties vary from cattle identification to rapid field visits – allowing our inspectors to explore a diversity of farming environments.  

VETERINARY INVESTIGATION OFFICER HallMark have a contract with the Animal and Plant Health Agency to supply Veterinary Investigation Officers. This position requires personnel to carry out an array of duties, including but not exclusive to: Interpretation of laboratory samples from farmed animals and reporting conclusions to private veterinarians; conducting post-mortem examinations and the production of reports; evaluation of casework submissions from private veterinary surgeons. We encourage the employment of Veterinary Investigation Officers who have an overall knowledge of the UK’s farming practices, awareness of potential risks posed to GB that require surveillance and a those vets who have a particular interest in Pathology.

SENIOR VETERINARY INSPECTOR Those employees that have excelled in their profession as a TB Tester have the opportunity to advance to these positions. Senior Veterinary Inspectors are required to be a representative of APHA, they are involved and responsible for many aspects of farm animal health and welfare. The role requires employees to: investigate farm animal disease; providing veterinary advice and reports; interacting with animal keepers, producers and others within the industry; participating with contingency planning efforts; conducting post-mortems; collection and analysis of samples and examining and inspecting farm livestock. Career development and employee satisfaction is very important to us at HallMark, we ensure that our vets are achieving what they desire and support this to the best of our ability.


OFFICIAL VETERINARIAN HallMark aims to advance Meat Hygiene Inspectors from their roles to the occupation of an Official Veterinarian. We support our staff and the development of their careers in connection with training from Glasgow and Bristol Universities in order to meet the job’s specification. The Official Veterinarian’s role is to be the overseeing and enforcing actions taken in an abattoir, these include: managing Meat Hygiene Inspectors; auditing and ensuring the maintenance of animal welfare; post-mortem inspection; enforcement of hygiene at slaughter and throughout the meat cutting processes; identification of animals; meat sampling; veterinary inspection of animals pre-slaughter and overall supervision of the Food Business Operator on behalf of the Food Standards Agency. 

ANIMAL HEALTH OFFICER Our Animal Health Officers have the opportunity to explore a variety of working environments including animal imports and export surveillance at airports. The position often requires employees on farm and/or assisting veterinary personnel, it is the only position that allows non-vets to carry out testing for TB. Employees can be collecting data and sampling, or assisting in slaughter or provisions of services in disease outbreak circumstances. Inspection of animal by-product and farming businesses is included in the job role. At HallMark we encourage those who wish to fulfil a job that offers diversity and opportunity to apply.

TB TESTER Bovine Tuberculosis (TB) is a widespread issue in Britain, due to this controls have been put in place in order to restrict spread of disease. HallMark recognise the importance of tackling the issue of TB in Britain and offer many job opportunities for vets in support of this role. Our vets currently in these positions have good knowledge and handling skills of farmed animals and work with farmers to inspect the cattle for signs of disease and test the animals for TB.  Career progression at HallMark offers our vets the opportunity to develop into a Senior Veterinary Inspector’s role.


If you would like to contact us about current positions at HallMark VCS, please use the contact form below or alternatively visit our website.


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