“…a new vet challenge every day…” for Alba!

When I finished my Veterinary Medicine degree in Madrid, I was looking for a job. Like most young people, I´d always thought of living and working abroad but never had the chance to do it. I wanted to develop my career but also have an exciting experience, meet new people, learn about different ways of living and discover new places. This is something that I had as a future wish or a dream but nothing serious to achieve immediately. 15392792_1498236423537563_4794073209217313759_o-2

I remember the day I saw the HallMark recruitment event on the website of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons of Madrid. After the presentation, I was sure that it was my opportunity to commence a new adventure.

I came to UK one year ago to work as a TB tester. I lived in Devon for 7 months in a lovely house where the family made me feel part of it. At the beginning, I had a lot of questions about the country; will I like the food?, Will the weather be as bad as I thought? Will I find carpet even on the roof of my room?!!!

I have to admit that I have found some really good things here, like the rhubarb pie or apple crumble – my favourite! From time to time I go back to Spanish omelette, of course. The weather is not so bad and as I´m from the North of Spain I´m used to wet days.

The team is great, I´ve made Friends from different parts of Europe: Romania, Slovakia, Greece, Italy, Poland… and that makes you grow as a person, understand other cultures and become more open-minded.

I moved to Wales 6 months ago to work in Animal Health and I couldn’t be happier.!With TB Testing I gained a lot of experience in cattle handling and the current agricultural situation of the country. Nowadays, working for the Animal and Plant Health Agency, I deal everyday with different scenarios not only related to TB, but to all notifiable diseases and welfare issues in all the species. Each day is a new Vet challenge!

I would recommend this experience to everyone, it changes your professional and personal life in a positive way that you wouldn’t expect.


…Alba Rodriguez…

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