HallMark’s “new years resolution” with KeySkill

With a new year coming up, we’re working closely with the management team to find out what courses need to be implemented for potential new employees of HallMark.

We have started looking at topics that would give new employees a very good flavour of the company, by covering the following areas:

* Equality & Diversity

* Sustainability

* HallMark New Starter Pack

Regardless of whether a person will be transferring from a similar role elsewhere, it is important that the transition is accommodated by providing courses that will cover key messages from us as a company.

Every new employee will be enrolled to relevant courses, prior to their start date, on our online learning platform: http://www.keyskill.com.


KeySkill gives you the chance to complete the courses in your own time. This is an opportunity to give people more freedom to settle in to their new environment comfortably.

The development of employee’s careers has always been important to HallMark and with KeySkill becoming more attractive we need to ensure that we get the courses right.

A course would have to consist of a variety of training materials to adapt to people’s different learning styles.

Our “Sustainability Course” is a great example of a course that’s been designed for our Auditory, Visual and Kinaesthetic learners.


We have made great progress this year by delivering a variety of courses KeySkill and are looking forward to introducing a selection that will cover more areas of the business in 2017.

KeySkill will continue to grow and already has many new software developments implemented. Online learning is the new way forward, especially within a company like ourselves where our employees work remotely throughout the U.K.

With a full time Training Developer and Lead Developer of KeySkill, we have made sure that our learners have all the support that they need. We take on board any feedback and suggestions to do with further developments of the site, after all, we are a company that value the people working for us.

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